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Cold Steel0810050
Steel:Blade Lenght:
4116 German127 mm
Cold Steel has been determined to bring an economical hollow handle survival knife to market for years. Most knives of this kind (that are currently available) have proven, in our own tests, to be too weak and fragile to be of any real use—and expensive too! In short, we thought we could do better.
Many years of experience with super-tough plastics and injection molding have given Cold Steel an edge over our competition's clumsy offerings. Our Survival Edge is butterfly light and strong as an ox and features a German 4116 Stainless Steel blade that is a full 1" wide and 5" long and terminates in a strong clip point that's versatile enough to meet the demands of ANY survival situation.
The handle is made from the highest-grade Polypropylene available, and has an integral double quillon guard that serves to protect the fingers as well as making it possible to lash the handle to a stick to make an improvised spear. The surface is carefully textured and encircled by 5 rubber "O" rings to improve traction when your hands are wet or slippery and to resist rolling or turning during intense use. Plus, a twist of the waterproof cap at the hollow handle's end reveals a large expanse that will accept a variety of survival aids or tinder.
The Secure-Ex sheath is designed to fit on most belts or be slung on a lanyard around one's neck. It's light, tough, and weatherproof. Additionally, it includes a Ferrocerium fire steel. A swift strike using the blade's spine will produce a shower of white-hot sparks and start a campfire roaring in no time at all.
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Ganzo has produced a very versatile Pocket knife with its G7491 model. It is relatively large in size, but able to handle a variety of tasks. This knife will come in handy for slicing sandwiches, and to perform many household tasks. Its blade is made from good quality stainless steel. This standard is 440 c. It has a blade length of 8.7 cm and is a popular form of drop point knife. The blade thickness is 3.3 mm, and the knife has proved to be strong enough to cope with rough work such as the sharpening of wooden stakes. This quality is down to the hardness standard of 58HRC, 440 c steel grade which is peculiar. At the same time, with food G7491 Ganzo copes very easily. The knife is exactly sharp, making all cuts just perfect. Finishing steel is made in such a way that the knife glitters in the Sun, but not on its surface there are traces from touching fingers. This type of polishing is called satin wash. It is characterized by a network of small strokes that remain on the surface of the metal. They protect the blade from prints, making it visually more neat.

Its handle model is made from a special composite material-G10. It is also called glass, because really it is fiberglass. With its small weight, the material is much more durable than ordinary varieties of plastic. It does not absorb water and preserves the rich colour, even if the long knife will lie in the Sun. Incidentally, the options for this model colours; are black, orange and dark green.

The Ganzo G7491 knife is also equipped with a linear type construction-Castle Liner Lock. This simple design really latches securely and holds the blade open, thereby improving the safety while working with the knife. It is opened by using the small "fins" on the bottom edge of the grounds of the blade that goes beyond its arms and is used as a stop for the fingers. This way of opening known as Flipper.


  • foldable pocket model
  • the total length of the knife — 20.5 cm
  • blade size according to the length is 8.7 cm
  • blade size thickness is 0.33 cm
  • hardness of the metal blade is 58HRC
  • material for blades - 440 c steel
  • material for the handle of the knife - G10
  • built-in retainer type Liner
  • weight of the knife this model - 142 grams