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Man Kung1101024
Draw Weight:Speed:
80 lbs175 km per hour
The Man Kung MK - 80A1 is a plastic pistol crossbow with a draw weight of 80 lbs - pounds. The crossbow is able to shoot crossbow bolts to a speed of 160 FPS - 175 kilometers per hour. The barrel and handle of this Man Kung crossbow pistol is made of strong high quality plastic and provides low resistance and high efficiency. Cocking the Man Kung MK - 80A1 crossbow is easy with the bracket on the rear of the crossbow. The trigger of the crossbow is equipped with a safety. The mini crossbow pistol is easy to operate and the crossbow has very compact dimensions making this crossbow is easy to carry. The Man Kung is supplied with three crossbow arrows with steel head, string, foot bracket , plastic sight and on the box is a target to practice. This mini crossbow pistol has an excellent price - performance ratio and is the cheapest crossbow you can get.
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The Man Kung MK-400 compound crossbow is a very powerful crossbow with 175 lbs – pound draw weight which will amaze you with its performance and his strength. The newly developed cam system ensures optimum power transmission and makes it possible to get to crossbow arrow speed up to 360 fps - 395 kilometers per hour. Because of its enormous power and speed , this compound crossbow is perfect for shooting on long distances. The high-quality materials of the crossbow ( plastic composite and aluminum ) ensures that the crossbow is very stiff , because of the materials is good power transmission possible. The crossbow has an ergonomically shaped stock, a adjustable handle and an integrated limb damping system, so you can shoot very comfortable with this compound bow and the crossbow is very quiet when he is firing his arrows. The crossbow is equipped with a dry fire protection system so it is not possible to shoot, if no crossbow arrow is fitted. The crossbow is also equipped with a 19 mm mounting rail for scope , laser or red dot. It is also possible on this compound bow to mount a bipod, there is a the special mountinr rail that sits under theMan Kung crossbow. The Man Kung MK -400 175 lbs compound crossbow comes complete with quiver, 4x 20 inch crossbow bolts, a crossbow sling, string wax and a cocking device wich ensures together with the foot bracket that cocking of the Man Kung crossbow is very easy. Overall a very powerful crossbow of very good quality at a competitive price .