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Manufacturer:Product #:
Man Kung1101020
Draw Weight:Speed:
150 lbs 230 km per hour
The Man Kung MK - 150A2 recurve crossbow with a powerful draw weight of 150 lbs. The crossbow can reach arrow speeds up to 210 fps - 230 km per hour. The crossbow has a fibreglass limb, an aluminum frame, skeleton stock and a trigger with automatic safety. The crossbow can shoot accurately at distances up to 60 yards - 55 meters. The crossbow is complete with two crossbow bolts, foot bracket and adjustable sight. This Man Kung crossbow has an excellent price - performance ratio.
Specifications Man Kung Crossbow MK - 150A2:
Length: 33 in
Weight: 5.06 lbs – 2.5 kg
Limb: Compression molded fiberglass
Limb width: 26.75 inch
String length: 26.75 inch
Width while cocked: 26 inch
Draw weight: 150lbs
Power Stroke: 11 inch
Barrell: Aluminum Barrel
Stock: Plastic Stock
Speed of arrows: 210 feet per second – 230 km per hour
Recommended Bolt: 16 inch O9mm aluminum bolts.
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