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Shaped like an AK style magazine this large BB container will fit most magazine pouches. It stores a massive 1200 bb’s that quickly can be filled into any high-cap magazines or magazine loaders by way of the standard filler cap or the fold-away filler nozzle. The BB container is refilled via a large lid-covered opening on top. Contains 1200 BB’s Fits most magazine pouches. Transparent Large refill cap 2 filler caps Fold away filler sprout
6.90 BGN
(5.75 ex. TAX)
The BB speed loader from ASG is a very useful tool for fill low cap magazines. Fill the loader with up to one hundred BB's, simply press the plunger while holding it to your magazine and 4 BB's are loaded at a time. Shaped like a standard double-stack pistol magazine, it will fit into most magazine pouches, and therefore easy to bring with you into the field.
6.90 BGN
(5.75 ex. TAX)
Magazine, spring, CZ 75D Compact for ref. 15698
10.90 BGN
(9.08 ex. TAX)
85 round polymer magazine from Armalite / ASG. it is made for airsoft guns. M4/M16 type.
13.90 BGN
(11.58 ex. TAX)
Dot protector from the Danish company ACG. Designed for mounting on Weaver or Picayinny rails. The Mount Lense protection keeps your optics safe from being hit by BBs. The clear see-through acrylic lens mounts in front of your optics as a protective shield against flying BBs and other types of debris. The mount is quickly attached to any picatinny rail without the use of any tools. For storage, the lens can be flipped down to accommodate a smaller profile for transport and storage Features: •Large lens surface to protect a wide variety of optics •Easy to mount
16.90 BGN
(14.08 ex. TAX)
Sling plate from the company Nuprol. Suitable for installation on M4 / AR15 stock tube Airsoft replica.
17.90 BGN
(14.92 ex. TAX)
Convenient and useful, this high-capacity speed loader is similar in shape and size to a M4/M15 magazine and fits perfectly in a spare magazine pouch or pocket. A sliding panel opens for easy filling of the speed loader, match its opening to any AEG magazine and a spring loaded plunger lets you quickly fill the magazine. The transparent design lets you see how many 6 mm BB's are left. The plunger can be locked down for storage. A built-in flip-up adapter for use with pistol magazines as well as a lose adapter for magazines with wide openings is included. Capacity 400 BB's.
18.90 BGN
(15.75 ex. TAX)
50 rd. standard magazine for the G36 type AEGs, like ref. nr. 15257 and 15910.
23.90 BGN
19.00 BGN
(15.83 ex. TAX)
Deluxe Military Style Butt Pad with Ergonomic Design. Non-slip Surface and Smart Slip-on Sleeve Design with Lip Re-enforcement for a Perfect Fit. For Model 4/15 6 Position Retractable Stock. 1" Extension.
19.90 BGN
(16.58 ex. TAX)
Color: Black Extension: 1" Compatibility: 6-Position M4 Retractable Stock
19.90 BGN
(16.58 ex. TAX)
Magazine, ENB, G18C/CZ 99, 29 shots for ref. 15919 and 16492
21.90 BGN
(18.25 ex. TAX)
Magazine for all the CAA M4 carbine and CQB airsoft rifles and more.
22.90 BGN
(19.08 ex. TAX)
Magazine from company Gletcher. Suitable for airsoft gun Gletcher APS. Capacity 17 number 6 mm precise.
22.90 BGN
(19.08 ex. TAX)
Magazine from the company Gletcher. Suitable for airsoft gun Gletcher TT. Capacity 18 pieces 6 mm precise.
22.90 BGN
(19.08 ex. TAX)
Magazine for all the CAA M4 carbine and CQB airsoft rifles.
24.90 BGN
(20.75 ex. TAX)
Whether practicing long-range precision with a Airsoft sniper rifle or rapid fire from a Airsoft handgun, this auto-reset target, allows focus on the shooting and nothing else. Purely mechanically operated, no batteries needed. Shoot the targets from right to left when the final target on the left is shot down all 3 targets will spring back up. The mesh trap catches all BB's and makes it easy to clean up after shooting is over. Can also be used without the mesh trap. Features: Impact resistant plastic. 3 different sized targets. Extra targets included. No batteries required. Use with or without mesh trap. Easy to clean.
26.90 BGN
(22.42 ex. TAX)
Polymer magazine from the company G&G. Polymer body. Capacity - 120 BB's. Suitable for airsoft replica - AK platform.
28.90 BGN
27.00 BGN
(22.50 ex. TAX)
This is an original accessory supplied to ASG from CZ. These clips are used to hold 2 magazines together, for a fast reload – an essential accessory in high-speed skirmishes. • Durable polycarbonate • Original CZ accessory • Set of 2
29.90 BGN
(24.92 ex. TAX)
For mounting standard 14mm CCW accessories, such as barrel extension, flash hiders and other similar accessories. This adaptor replaces the 18mm flash hider and allows any Airsoft barrel attachment to be screwed on the 14mm CCW threading.
29.90 BGN
(24.92 ex. TAX)
NUPROL lower face shields are strong, comfortable and made from high quality materials. These masks are a great way to protect a player’s lower face and especially their teeth!
31.90 BGN
(26.58 ex. TAX)
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